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Why Some People Get Bald and Others Don’t?

Have you ever wondered why some people maintain their healthy hair until the very old age and others turn bald when they are younger than 20?
The initial research showed that baldness in women and men is a result of an excess of male hormone testosterone in their bodies and Buy Finasteride Online no Prescription. Further studies revealed that the follicles are not sensitive to this hormone. Instead, they are destroyed by another hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It’s the hormone, from which testosterone in derived. DHT gradually inhibits the sensitive hair follicle up until the point it dies and can no longer produce hair.

However, these studies didn’t answer the main question: “why some people get bald and others don’t?” The major concern was caused by the blood test results of the balding people.Need more information? Visit our blog and read 6 Best Hair Treatment Methods. Testosterone and DHT levels in most of such patients are usually normal. In other words, they are very near or the same to the testosterone and DHT levels of the people who don’t suffer from the hair loss.

Genetic Aspects of Baldness
This means that some people’s hair follicles are much more sensitive to DHT than others’. Numerous studies were able to identify a “baldness gene” (called Sox21). This gene forces certain enzyme (called 5-alpha-reductase) to covert testosterone into DHT. This means that some people are genetically predisposed for baldness, while others are not. The “baldness gene” is inherited from your parents or closest relatives.
But what does this fact mean for you? Three things:
If someone most of your close relatives had a hair problem, there is a full 90% chance you will have the same problem at some point in your life;
If one of your relatives had hair loss problem at the age of 50, it doesn’t mean you will have the problem at the same age. You may encounter it at 20, 30, or any other age;

The gene can be “sleeping” for some time, but once it gets active, the hair loss process can be truly rapid.For more information just vist our site

If you know about the family history of baldness in your family, you are well advised to watch your hair changes closely. If you feel there are structural changes in your hair, or the hair loss has become more intensive, you need to take action, the sooner the better.Checkout 2.0 profile - Buy Finasteride no Prescription. Hair loss treatment usually produces positive results, so there’s no point of being downhearted. Turn for help and deal with the problem effectively.


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